Sanitary Drive Benefits Cosmo City Secondary

The Mintek Sanitary Drive campaign which collected sanitary towels for schoolgirls has finally paid off after the sanitary towels were given to 900 learners at Cosmo City Secondary High School last month.


The school has been chosen as beneficiary of this project, given the demographics of learners in the school and its proximity to Mintek.


As a mathematics and science school, learners could also benefit and be inspired from science, technology and engineering promotions programs Mintek offers encouraging learners to follow careers in the field.


School Principal, Eddie Maota thanked Mintek for selecting the school as a beneficiary. , He said “programs like these help instill confidence in learners shaping them to be future career leaders”. 


Grace Tawane, senior scientist at Mintek said “I am proud of my fellow colleagues for their great participation in helping us collect the sanitary towels to keep our girls in school. I was equally proud and humbled to be part of this wonderful initiative but most of all, seeing the girls happy made my day.”


The Diversity Forum is grateful of the contributions made by Mintek employees, whose contributions have made a difference and put smiles on the girl-children of the Cosmo City Secondary High School.