Opening & Plenary Session

Conference Opening and Welcome
Abe Mngomezulu, CEO, Mintek

Twenty five years of UG2 processing – what have we learned?
Keith Liddell, Platmin Ltd

Developments in hydrometallurgy since Mintek 50
Mike Nicol, Murdoch University

Hydrometallurgy 1

Ferric ion: God's gift to hydrometallurgists to keep them humble
Chris Fleming, SGS Minerals Service

Solvent extraction technology transforms base-metal hydrometallurgy.

Peter Cole, TWP Matomo Process Plant

Environmental considerations in hydrometallurgical base metal refining circuits
Christof Pawlik, Mintek

Skorpion Zinc: Facilitating mine-to-metal zinc production through solvent extraction
Kathy Sole, Anglo Research

Zinc hydrometallurgy
Jacolien Wyethe, Exxaro

Pyrometallurgy 1

History of DC arc furnace process development
Tom Curr, Mintek

The development of chrome and nickel projects in Kazakhstan and Russia
Nic Barcza, Oriel Resources

Recovery of base metals and PGMs in a DC alloy-smelting furnace.
(Full paper)
Rodney Jones, Mintek

The hydration of MgO-based refractory materials
Andrie Garbers-Craig, University of Pretoria

A review of the development of the Mintek Thermal Magnesium Process
Masud Abdellatif, Mintek

Hydrometallurgy 2

Landmarks in minerals biotechnology
Petrus van Staden, Mintek

CYCAD Process – Simulation and design software for the metallurgical industry
Frank Crundwell, CM Solutions

PGM hydrometallurgy
Les Bryson, Anglo Platinum

Using computer power in process development
(Full paper)
Mike Dry, Arithmetek, Inc.

Pyrometallurgy 2

Pyrometallurgy – It seemed like a good idea at the time
Lloyd Nelson, Anglo Platinum

Evolution of mining, processing, and operating characteristics in the maintenance of cost-effective ferrochrome production operations
Nic Dawson, Xstrata Alloys

Upgrading of titania slag
Johan Nell, Hatch Africa

Modelling insights: Twin-electrode DC arc furnaces
Quinn Reynolds, Mintek

Hydrometallurgy 3

The evolution of uranium extraction technology
Merrill Ford, Paladin Energy

The resurrection of hydrometallurgy's own RIP van Winkle – Uranium
Marthie Kotze, Mintek

Practical aspects of cyanide management
Peter Lotz, Mintek

Pyrometallurgy 3

The future supply of electrical power to the ferro-alloy industry
Ian Barker, University of the Witwatersrand

The effectiveness of resistance vs current control of submerged arc furnaces in selected scenarios
Chris Hockaday, Mintek

Pneumatic jigging of ferro-alloys – like the barber's cat?
Peter Scott, Jigmet

Plenary Session

De Beers – Leading through Technology
David Noko, MD, De Beers Consolidated Mines

The Leaders Dilemma – A bird in the hand or to chase two in the bush?
Tony Filmer, Filmer Consulting

Enhancing long-term retention of South African women in chemical and metallurgical engineering careers
Kathy Sole, IWFSA/GIBS

The NUM and Technology
Frans Baleni, NUM

The world crisis and its impact on minerals
Bernard Loriol, Best Asset Class

Mineral Processing

Converting a platinum resource into a reserve; progress in understanding UG-2 ore variability as regards metallurgical parameters
Mike Bryson, Mintek

Scale-up of grinding and flotation tests and plant optimization
Brian Loveday, University of KwaZulu-Natal

Accounting for the froth in batch flotation tests
Peter Harris, University of Cape Town

The application of flotation testwork to plant design and operation
Mike Valenta, Metallicon Process Consulting

High Pressure Grinding Roll (HPGR) testwork at Mintek
Johnny Kalala, Mintek

General & Advanced Materials

Quest for a high-performing freight logistics system
Petrus Fusi, Transnet

Risk management and OHS – the importance of human factors
May Hermanus, University of the Witwatersrand

The golden opportunities of small science: Nanotechnology at Mintek
Robert Tshikhudo, Mintek

Gold catalysis at Mintek
Jason McPherson, Mintek

AuTEK Biomed: Investigating the biomedical applications of gold
Raymond Hewer, Mintek

Mineral Processing

The latest developments in iron ore processing
Isabel King, Mintek

New developments in sensor-based sorting
Lütke von Ketelhodt, Commodas

Modelling for concentrator design and optimization
Casper Steenkamp, Mintek

Mineralogy & Fluidization

The composition and crystal structures of pyrrhotite: a common but poorly understood mineral
Johan de Villiers, University of Pretoria

Automated SEM study of PGM distribution across a UG2 flotation concentrate bank
Desh Chetty, Mintek

Double, double boil and bubble: Fluidization in reactors and roasters
Paul den Hoed, Anglo Research

Mineral Processing & Economics

How important is ore variability? The ethics of feasibility studies
Alan McKenzie, Mintek

Ore Sorting
Carl Bergmann, Mintek

Challenges in technology commercialisation
Leon Coetzer, Braemore Resources