HR, Training and Human Capital - Parked

Our excellence lies in continuously developing a skilled, motivated, high performing and diverse workforce. Mintek continues to drive effective implementation of its Human Resources Strategy by ensuring that we grow talent from within especially from our pipeline development initiatives and aggressively recruiting and retaining staff.

In-Service Training

In-service training formally integrates a student’s academic studies with work experience at Mintek.

Students benefit through gaining ‘real life’ experience, enjoy opportunities to sample career options and enhance their career prospects through relevant experience and a network of contacts. Mintek benefits through having excellent opportunities for identifying, evaluating and developing future employees and access to personnel and facilities at tertiary education institutions.

Each year, Mintek provides on-site in service training to approximately 50 students from universities of technology and comprehensive universities, in order to complete their compulsory one-year practical experience. Currently, the student representation is 98% black and 51% female.

Please note that Mintek no longer accepts applications for in-service or practical training directly from students. We will be sourcing eligible students directly from the various university Co-Operative Education Departments, and applications for in-service training sent to Mintek will not be accepted nor will they be responded to.