RFT MTK10/2018 Provision of security services

RFT_MTK10 2018 Provision of security services

MTK07 2018 Strategy Sessions and Employee Engagement Sessions

RFQ_MTK07 2018 Strategy Sessions and Employee Engagement Sessions Final

Uitkyk, MTK 11/2018

1_Uitkyk_MTK11_2018 Volume 1 Tender coverpage contents & tender notice T1 1 (WHITE) Rev2 2_Uitkyk_MTK11_2018 Volume 1 Tender Notice and Tender data (PINK) Rev 5 3_Uitkyk_MTK11_2018 Returnable Documents list T2.1 and schedules T2 2(YELLOW) Rev 6 4_Uitkyk_MTK11_2018 Contract agreement C1 1 and contract data C2 2(YELLOW) Rev 5 5_Uitkyk_MTK11_2018 Forms of...

NOTIFICATION: Tender participation fee

Mintek bid documentation can be obtained via portal or the Mintek website and downloaded by the prospective bidders at no cost.Mintek does, however charge a NON-REFUNDABLE TENDER PARTICIPATION FEE OF R500.00 (VAT INCLUSIVE).  This is an eligibility criterion and is payable by means of electronic transfer or direct deposit only.  Proof of payment of the...

MTK 01/2018 Upgrade of chiller units & hvac systems re-advertisement

RFT_MTK01 2018 Upgrade of chiller plant and HVAC system Readvertisement of MTK07 2017 10120-M-1061-r0 – Level 6 HVAC 10120-M-9001-r0 – Chilled water schematic 10120-M-9002-r0 – Hot water schematic 10120-M-9003-r0 – To building schematic MTK012018 local content annexure C 10120 – Mintek HVAC Services – BOQ rev1 –...

MTK 06/2017 Supply and installation of edm wire-cutting machine

RFT_MTK06 2017 Supply of Wire-cutting machine