Measurement And Control Solutions

The Measurement and Control division has developed a range of specific Advanced Process Control Solutions that are implemented on Mintek’s process control platform, StarCS. Advanced stabilisation and optimisation control has been developed for Milling, Flotation, Smelting and Gold Leaching.

FurnStar News

Mintek process control commissioned on SA’s largest ferrochrome furnace

Posted on Jul 31, 2007

2006-05-30 Mintek has commissioned its FurnStar MinstralTM control system for submerged-arc furnaces to optimise the smelting process on the new No. 4 furnace at Hernic Ferrochrome, near Brits in the Northwestern Province. The furnace, a closed unit that employs Outokumpu technology, is the largest ferrochromium furnace in the southern hemisphere, with a power rating of 78 Megavolt-Amperes (MVA). “All four of the furnaces at Hernic are now under Minstral control,” said Paul Brereton Stiles, head of Furnace Control in the Measurement and...

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Furnstar Minstrals To Control Xstrata Lion Furnces

Posted on Oct 25, 2005

Mintek has recently been awarded orders to supply FurnStar Minstral controllers for the first two furnaces to be built at the Xstrata Lion plant. Xstrata plans to expand the plant to a total of six furnaces over the next three years. Further Minstral Controllers on Silicon Furnaces

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Further Minstral Controllers On Silicon Furnaces

Posted on Aug 30, 2005

Major producer of Silicon metal and ferrosilicon, Pechiney Electrometallurgie (PEM), has in recent months purchased four Minstral controllers for their furnaces in South Africa and France. The first two controllers were installed on furnaces at Silicon Smelters near Polokwane in South Africa, one of which is up until recently been regarded as the largest silicon metal furnace in the world. Subsequent to these installations, a further Minstral was installed on a large FeSi furnace at the PEM furnace at Laudun in France in October 2004. A...

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Minstral Installation At Ferbasa, Brazil

Posted on Jul 31, 2005

After the successful evaluation of the Minstral submerged-arc furnace controller on one of their ferrochrome furnaces, Cia De Ferro Ligas Da Bahia located near Salvador in Brazil proceeded with the purchase of the Minstral controller in January 2005.

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Opc Minstral Installed On Asa Metals New Furnace

Posted on Jun 6, 2005

Commissioning of an OPC-based version of the Minstral controller was successfully completed in April 2004 on the new furnace at ASA Metals. The OPC Minstral uses the OLE for Process Control (OPC) communication standard to communicate with, and control via, the furnace PLC. The use of this communication standard means that the Minstral controller can be implemented in combination with practically any brand and model of PLC.

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Minstral Furnace Controller At Ccm, Brazil

Posted on Nov 29, 2003

Mintek recently commissioned a second Minstral(tm) furnace-control system at Camargo Corrêa Metais’ Tucurui silicon metal plant in Para State, Brazil. This installation brings the number of Minstral systems at silicon metal producers around the world to six, four of which are in Brazil. Silicon furnaces are difficult to control because small changes in the metallurgical balance can lead to the build up of silicon carbide or slag over time. Minstral’s unique resistance-based control algorithm helps to decouple the electrical...

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Enhanced Minstral System

Posted on Sep 29, 2001

The latest enhancement to Mintek’s Minstral(tm) electrode and tapchanger control system for submerged-arc furnaces has resulted in large improvements in power utilization as well as increased production on industrial units. Poor ferroalloy prices and high electricity costs have compelled many producers to find means of utilizing purchased energy more effectively. In response to this need, Mintek developed a differential tapchanger control strategy that optimizes the power input to the furnace in a safe manner. The strategy operates the...

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Infacon Nine

Posted on Aug 29, 2001

About 450 delegates from over 30 countries, including nearly 50 from South Africa, participated in the Ninth International Ferroalloys Congress, INFACON Nine, which was held from 3 to 6 June 2001 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. The theme for the Congress, which was organized by The Ferroalloys Association (TFA) of Washington, DC, under the chairmanship of Dr Dieter Ksinsik, was ‘A partnership with the customer’. The ferro-alloys industry is changing rapidly, and producers, service providers, and technology developers have to make...

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Minstral Controller On Kivcet Furnace

Posted on Feb 23, 2000

The first Minstral furnace-control system in North American was recently commissioned on a 15 MVA electric furnace at Cominco’s Trail lead smelter in British Columbia. The Trail smelter uses the Russian-developed Kivcet flash-smelting technology for lead production. The new smelter, which replaced the old sintering and blast-furnace operation in 1997, provided the opportunity to meet upgraded environmental standards and reduce energy and labour costs. The electric furnace used in the Kivcet process is primarily a settling furnace, in...

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Plc Minstral Goes International

Posted on Feb 26, 1999

The first offshore installation of the PLC Minstral furnace controller has been completed at ISPAT Alloys in Balasore, India. Two submerged-arc silicomanganese furnaces, of 12 and 15 MVA rating, are under control at ISPAT. Six PLC Minstrals are already in use in South Africa, and a further five units are due for commissioning in the next few months. The new-generation PLC Minstral is the latest version of Mintek’s electrode and tapchanger control system for submerged-arc furnaces, which has been used successfully in the ferro-alloys...

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