Analytical Services

Mintek’s Analytical Services Division (ASD) is a well-established inorganic analytical chemistry laboratory that specialises in geochemical and metallurgical analyses. We provide this specialised analytical service to the mineral, metallurgical and related industries, using state-of-the-art instrumentation for a variety of techniques.

Primary Sample Preparation

It is absolutely essential that samples are properly homogenised before assaying is carried out. This is done by experienced staff using proper equipment to ensure the final analytical results are of acceptable quality. Samples must be crushed or pulverised to a certain minimum size, split correctly using riffle splitters (for large samples) or rotary splitters (for smaller samples) and the particle size ascertained by sieve testing before the analyses are carried out.

Samples which are submitted already pulverised by the client are also checked to ensure they satisfy our control specifications. Samples which do not meet specs may be pulverised further with the client’s approval at the client’s cost or are returned to the client. Wet/Dry masses, milling masses (before and after) and sieve testing results are all recorded on LIMS and can be reported on to the client on request.