Measurement And Control Solutions

The Measurement and Control division has developed a range of specific Advanced Process Control Solutions that are implemented on Mintek’s process control platform, StarCS. Advanced stabilisation and optimisation control has been developed for Milling, Flotation, Smelting and Gold Leaching.

MAC Profile


Mintek’s Measurement and Control division develops measurement and control solutions for the mineral processing industry.

MAC Control Solutions

The division has developed an Advanced Control Software Platform, StarCS, which is a reliable, open, understandable and operator-friendly software package for advanced process control based on world-class modern software.

Mintek has developed specific Advanced Control Solutions on the StarCS platform to address typical mineral processing control challenges. The solutions that StarCS offers are adaptable to special requirements. We work closely with our clients to decide on the best control strategy for their specific process needs, which is then implemented on the StarCS platform.

MAC Measurement Solutions

Mintek has also developed specific Measurement Instrumentation to provide key online measurements that can also be used for advanced control or for environmental monitoring.


Mintek has implemented its technologies on well over 100 sites in many countries. Mintek has partnered with ProcessIQ to distribute advanced process control and measurement solutions in Australasia and Southeast Asia. SPLIT distributes solutions in South America.