Mineral Economics & Strategy

MESU, established in the early 2000s, provides a research support function to technical divisions in Mintek. Externally, MESU provides clients with in-depth, multi-disciplinary, strategic research insight about all aspects of the minerals industry.


Godfrey Mothapo
Admin Officer
Kgaogelo Morema

Head: Mineral Economics

Senior Researcher
Sustainable Development Hermanus Cornelissen
Head: Regional
Mineral Devt
Dr Marian Lydall
Senior Process Engineer Derek Ramsay
Researcher: Sustainable
Development Landu Landu
Senior Researcher Vacant
Senior Mineral Economist Reuben Meyerowitz

Reseacher Vacant

Junior Mineral Economist
Pontsho Mashai
Junior Mineral Economist
Cebisa Dubase
Junior Mineral Economist
Yulandi James