A decade of growth for innovation in nanotechnology

After a decade of edge-cutting nanotechnology research, Mintek and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) centres of nanotechnology innovation celebrated this milestone with a three-day workshop which ended on 16 October at the CSIR, Pretoria.

Themed “Nanotechnology for Inclusive Growth: From Fundamental Research to Industrial Impact”, the workshop provided an interdisciplinary forum for Scientists and Engineers to discuss the current status and recent developments of advanced nanostructured materials with a focus on Research and Development ( R&D) and innovation and practical applications of these materials.

Dr Lucky Sikhwivhilu, Director DST/Mintek NIC who spoke on the significance of the event said, “This will certainly not be the last jointly organised workshop by the two NICs. In fact our history makes us think about our vision of impactful nanotechnology for the benefit of the society. And so more of these jointly organised events will be the platform for sharing knowledge and inspiring ideas.”

A panel of international experts discussed and addressed possible avenues to bridge the gap between Research and Development (R&D) and commercialisation of research outputs. The workshop also provided a platform for entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to discuss collaborative research and business developments.

The topics ranged from emerging research related to advanced nanomaterials, health, energy and water, and other areas of interest.

Papers presented at the event will be published in credible peer reviewed ISI journal, Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.