Mintek implements smart interventions to save energy

The Mintek energy team in the Engineering and Maintenance Services Division (EMS) is striving to improve on energy consumption, efficiency and performance through the implementation of the ISO 50001, Energy Management System (EnMS) framework.


The implementation of EnMS is based on the PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT continual improvement framework and strategically incorporates energy management into everyday organisational practices.


The team is led by Mohau Dithejane, Head: projects and Thomas Mkasi, electrical engineer who are candidates for Expert Level EnMS Training. The training equips them with knowledge, skills and tools needed to support adoption and implementation in industry of Energy Management Systems.


Commenting on interventions done by Mintek in reducing energy consumption, Mohau said, “In the past few years, We have successfully deployed the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System which enabled Mintek to lay a platform for sustainable commitment towards energy efficiency.  We have recently implemented an intervention at Fire Assay Furnace Operation by reducing idle at temperature of electric furnaces from 1000 – 650 degrees celsius (°C).”


To date Mintek has trained 32 employees through the National Cleaner Production Centre South Africa (NCPC-SA) and will continue to train more employees, which will enable Mintek to improve and reduce energy consumption.