Mintek hosts Swedish University PhD Student

Mintek hosted Swedish University PhD Student, Lee Fowle on an exchange research programme for corrosion studies on antibacterial titanium alloys for biomedical applications at the Advanced Materials Division (AMD) from 11-20 March.

The visit was part of the Advanced Materials Initiatives (AMI) – Ferrous Metals Development Network (FMDN) programme led by Mintek. 

Sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology, DST-NRF Centre of Excellence in Strong Materials, the programme is part of the international collaboration strategy for AMI – FMDN programme with Mintek, Wits University, Nelson Mandela University and Uppsala University (Sweden).

Fowler said, “My time at MINTEK has been fruitful and I have learnt more about corrosion studies and the experimental setup. We hope to continue good work in the future and I am happy with the outcome of our collaboration.”

Nomsombuluko Masia, Scientist in AMD and MSc student at Wits University is also part of the project focusing on corrosion of titanium alloys for biomedical applications.  She said, “This has been a great opportunity working with Lee sharing knowledge about corrosion, bacteria, material characterisation and so on.”

As part of the collaboration Nomsombuluko Masia visited Uppsala University in December 2018 on an exchange research programme to perform an in-vitro evaluation on titanium alloys for her MSc project. 

Through this Research and Development collaboration, Mintek will be in a position to access the state-of-the art materials characterisation facilities at Upsalla University, Wits University and Nelson Mandela University as part of student exchange programme.

The programme will derive skills transfer, access to the state-of-the art materials characterization facilities and joint publications.