Mintek Manganese Research published on Prema Newsletter

  Mintek engineers have published articles in the first newsletter of the Prema project in which Mintek is a collaborative partner.  Prema is part of the Horizon2020 project which aims to demonstrate with a strong application focus and ambition to make production of the Manganese alloys more resource and energy efficient. An article by Dr Joalet Steenkamp, Chief Engineer in Pyrometallurgy division entails the basic engineering of a pilot facility currently running at Mintek. The pilot facility will serve for testing under real conditions the new technological concept of PreMa: The tests will check the advantages of the new technology in terms of reduction of electrical energy consumption by 25%, CO2 emissions by 15% as well as provide data to assess the technical and economic viability, said Steenkamp. Senior Engineer, Lina Hockaday’s article, entitled “Combat the dust: PreMa project”, addresses barriers to concentrating solar thermal energy for industrial applications. The PreMa project investigates the use of solar thermal energy to preheat manganese ores for the production of ferromanganese alloys in submerged arc furnaces (SAFs). Steenkamp concluded, “The PreMa project offers South African researcher and industry consortium members an excellent opportunity to engage with their European counterparts on matters significant to manganese ferroalloy production. Mintek is honoured to have played an important role in putting the consortium and project proposal together, as illustrated on the website of the SAIMM:”