Human Rights Day Message

As we commemorate Human Rights Day on 21 March, we should remind ourselves of the role we play in making the human rights we enjoy possible.

This year’s Human Rights Month is celebrated under the theme: “The year of Charlotte Maxeke: Promoting Human Rights in the Age of COVID-19”.  

We highlight the role Mintek plays in creating an enabling environment, which affords us the right to freedom of expression which includes academic freedom and scientific research. These rights are provided in Section 16 (1) (d) of the Bill of rights.

Our commitment is to empower, respect, protect, promote and fulfil the rights in the Bill of rights for the enjoyment of all.

Promoting Human Rights in the age of COVID-19 is in line with the mandate, and strategic intent of Mintek. Our strategic repositioning is geared towards fulfilling our mandate by refocusing our core functions of research, development and innovation as an essential element of nation-building.

We encourage our staff to always be mindful of the key role that we collectively play in contributing to the national interests through ethical research and strengthening the country’s economy and employment.

We draw courage and strength from those who fought for the liberation of the rights we enjoy today. As we confront the challenges of today, let us expand the culture of human rights and become true human rights advocates dedicated to freedom and equality.

Thank you

Molefi Motuku, PhD                                                                           

Mintek: CEO