Bursaries & Internships @ MINTEK

Mintek’s Mission Statement affirms Mintek’s aim to provide appropriately-skilled graduates to both Mintek itself as well as to the broader South African minerals and metallurgy sector.



Mintek’s Undergraduate and Postgraduate Bursary Programmes are one of the ways in which we ensure that the most talented, well trained and highly skilled technical people are able to study further. Many of our graduates join Mintek as employees, ensuring that Mintek’s operational, research and development needs are met.

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Mintek hosts various internships over the course of each year, allowing candidates the opportunity to gain work experience. Mintek provides the necessary guidance, working environment, training and support to the interns, specifically developing a tailored work plan and performance assessment system, providing working stations and resources, allocating a mentor and providing work-specific training programmes.

The internship period offers Mintek an excellent opportunity to assess the intern’s skills and capabilities in the working environment as a potential future employee, and also gives Mintek the opportunity to observe the intern’s attitude, skills and capabilities.


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