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Our excellence lies in continuously developing a skilled, motivated, high performing and diverse workforce. Mintek continues to drive effective implementation of its Human Resources Strategy by ensuring that we grow talent from within especially from our pipeline development initiatives and aggressively recruiting and retaining staff.

Human Capital @ MINTEK

People – Human Capital Management

Mintek attributes its position as one of the world’s leaders in mineral and metallurgical technology to its workforce of highly skilled engineers, scientists and technologists, who have been developing groundbreaking technologies, products and services for the local and international mining and minerals industries since 1934.

For the past few years, the global shortage of hard-core technical skills, such as engineers, scientists and technical personnel has also become increasingly evident in the South African labour market. Here the shortage is more significant and pronounced, with organisations like Mintek and private companies in the mining, minerals and related industries competing for the same pool of human capital and expertise in order to survive.

Transformation and Diversity

Mintek is committed to building a transformed and diverse workforce and has reached its Board-approved target of 77% of the workforce being from a designated group.

The Employment Equity and Diversity Forum which represents all categories of employees, endeavours to create an environment which embraces diversity and employment equity. By nurturing diversity and eliminating equity barriers, while conforming to legislation and best practice, the Forum strives to ensure that Mintek’s environment is conducive to meeting strategic and operational goals.

Developing our People

Mintek is passionate about development. Mintek’ers are encouraged to pursue their studies with bursaries sponsored by the organization.