Corporate Profile

Mintek is South Africa’s national mineral research organisation and it is one of the world’s leading technology organisations specialising in mineral processing, extractive metallurgy and related areas. Working closely with industry and other R&D institutions, Mintek provides service testwork, process development and optimisation, consulting and innovative products to clients worldwide.

Report Fraud

Report FraudUnethical behaviour in the workplace presents an ever-increasing problem. Often undetected and unreported, this results in financial losses to companies and works to the detriment of us all.

Mintek is committed to conducting business honestly and with integrity. This protects the name and reputation of our company.  For some time now we have operated Whistleblowers hotline facility, a service for all stakeholders to report anonymously any unethical behaviour.

The service is run totally independently of Mintek, ensuring that no one need ever know the identity of any person reporting fraud or dishonest and inappropriate behaviour.

How does it work?

The Tip-offs Anonymous hotline operates 24 hours a day.Mintek has been allocated a unique FreeCall telephone number – 0800-212-669 – and e-mail address – 

Written submissions may also be faxed to the FreeFax number 086 212 689   or sent by post to FREEPOST KZN665, MUSGRAVE, 4062 (no postage stamp necessary).

Operators will ask callers specific questions to ensure understanding and clarity.

Callers may elect to tell the Tip-offs Anonymous agents who they are. However, this information will not be revealed, including their gender, unless they choose to have their identity made known to the company.

Information gathered in this way will be analysed and forwarded to a designated senior official in our company who will decide on the course of action to be followed.

We would like everyone associated with Mintek to be made aware of this initiative and take a stand against corruption. We are relying on you to pass this information on to your employees.

NB! The calls will be answered in all eleven official languages