Analytical Services

Mintek’s Analytical Services Division (ASD) is a well-established inorganic analytical chemistry laboratory that specialises in geochemical and metallurgical analyses. We provide this specialised analytical service to the mineral, metallurgical and related industries, using state-of-the-art instrumentation for a variety of techniques.

Customer services


ASD offers a 24 hours response to quotation request from both internal and external customers. A quote can be requested via email and or telephonically. Internal customers fill in the Project Information Sheet (PIS), outlining their requirements while external clients fill in the Sample Submittal Form indicating their details and requirements.

Logging and receiving of samples

Customers to submit samples to ASD sample reception with the required documentation. Once the integrity of the samples (labelling, sample numbers, homogeneity status, etc) has been confirmed, samples are logged in the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), capturing all relevant required information. The technical sections will then be able to access the samples information via the LIMS and execute the required jobs.

Project management

When the customer accepts the quotation, a project is opened on SAP and LIMS ensuring that the budget plan compares to the quotation. On weekly intervals, costs incurred on LIMS per project are uploaded onto SAP. Projects are continuously monitored to ensure that the planned budget is not exceeded. Monthly breakdown reports are sent to the customers to monitor the budget progress of their projects.


Once the required analytical work has been completed, all relevant documentation is passed to the administration officer to generate an invoice for the customers.

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Mintek has a unique sample tracking system, which:

  • Ensures the tracking and status of samples from the point of reception to the point of returning or discarding;
  • Draws control charts that are used to control methods; and,
  • Keeps records.

Instruments have been interfaced to the LIMS to ensure accurate data transfer and to improve efficiency and hence turn-around time. Quality controls and limits are incorporated to highlight anomalies and results that require investigation.


When the complaint is received, it is brought to the attention of the Laboratory Manager, the incident is recorded and followed up to ensure resolution. Serious complaints, such as the validity of results, are documented following the procedure for non-conformance to Quality Control protocol. After resolution, the client is contacted for final comments. The SHEQ Coordinator keeps a permanent record.