Measurement And Control Solutions

The Measurement and Control division has developed a range of specific Advanced Process Control Solutions that are implemented on Mintek’s process control platform, StarCS. Advanced stabilisation and optimisation control has been developed for Milling, Flotation, Smelting and Gold Leaching.

Control Solutions

Using its extensive understanding of mineral beneficiation processes, Mintek has developed specific solutions on the StarCS platform to address typical control challenges in milling, flotation, furnace, and leaching control. The following control modules are available:

General Control Solutions
Milling Control Solutions
Flotation Control Solution
Furnace Control Solutions
Leaching Control Solutions


Client testimonials


"I have been working with Mintek's StarCS control system since 2009 and it has gained my confidence. These solutions improve the process operation by enabling it to automatically run as intended with minimal intervention from operators, thereby improving integrity of our cause and effect analysis. Mintek's mass pull controllers were able to achieve optimal flotation performance through continuous adjustment of process setpoints" - Msizi Jali, Plant Superintended, Tharisa Mine

"Someone always responds to requests promptly despite the time difference between the two countries. The system is accessible and easy to modify as the plant changes over time" - Hugo Staton, Chief Metallurgist, Eagle Mine LLC "Mintek system was able to achieve stable control around our specified operational targets in terms of density and reagents" - David Sagara, Senior Metallurgical Engineer, RandGold Loulo
"Engineers at Mintek have a lot of pride in what they do and this clearly comes through when looking at the quality of work produced. They really fully immerse themselves in our plant problems and truly become part of the team and the solution." Brain Whitehead, Plant Superintendent - Technical, Northam Platinum (Booysendal)


What Gives Us the Edge


Our people:

  • A dedicated team of ten professionally qualified, experienced engineers developing, commissioning, and servicing our process control systems
  • A R&D team of five PhD’s & MSc’s who continually enhance & push the boundaries of APC
  • In-depth, process-specific understanding and implementation experience allowing us to truly optimise operations

Our technology:

  • An annual ring-fenced R&D budget means 
    • we continue innovating even when the mining sector faces tough times
    • you continue to get enhancements and new products when others stop their R&D activities
  • We fully own the APC technologies, solutions, and platforms we use
    • No third party means you can rely on faster support, customisations & enhancements
  • Cutting-edge solutions at South African Rand based prices – gives you protection against US$ strength and lower total cost of ownership

The Team

See the full team profile here