C2 Meter

A critical parameter in the efficient operation of CIL/CIP processes is the accurate measurement and control of carbon concentration in the pulp. Traditional measurement methods are manual, time consuming and often inaccurate. This leads to poor process control and loss of gold.

The MINTEK C² Meter is fully self-contained and comprises an immersion probe and its associated control panel. The probe, designed and constructed to measure continuously in the adsorption tank pulp, contains a matched transmitter/receiver pair of piezoelectric (PZT) ceramic transducers to generate and measure the attenuation of the ultrasonic signal.  The meter allows quick setup, easy installation and calibration.


  • Continuous on-line measurement of carbon concentration.
  • Detection limit of 0.2 g/l
  • Operator-friendly
  • Robust construction
  • Self-contained
  • Easy installation and calibration


  • Increased accurate and faster monitoring of CIP/CIL processes
  • Improved gold recovery through continuous carbon profiling
  • Improved carbon transfer control using Mintek’s Leachstar Carbon Transfer Control Module
  • Reduced carbon losses through early detection of carbon screen leakage
  • Reduced dependence on plant personnel

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