The hydrocyclone classifier forms an integral part of the milling circuit. The overall performance of the milling circuit depends directly on the performance of the hydrocyclone classifier. Plant operators have traditionally used the shape of the hydrocyclone underflow to assess the overall efficiency of the milling circuit – the CyLas provides this information on-line.


CyLas is an on-line instrument for measuring the hydrocyclone underfow discharge angle. It uses a laser device to measure the distance from a fixed point (where it is mounted) to a point on the hydrocyclone underflow discharge. The distance is then related to the underflow discharge angle with the aid of trigonometric manipulations. Because of its non-contact nature and rugged construction, the CyLas is an inherently low-maintenance instrument.


  • Avoid costly downtime due to cyclone chokes. Use the CyLas as a detector to give advance warning of unfavourable operating conditions and reduce the amount of operator attention required.
  • Ensure efficient classification by operating the cyclone at optimum discharge flare angles.
  • It is possible to implement a control loop for optimum classification or recirculating load by providing realtime information while monitoring the cyclone efficiency.

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