Case Studies

Commodity Description
Copper ore Performance improvement provided through the utilisation of Mintek automation and apc software on a copper concentrator
Silver ore MillStar and FloatStar advanced process control system at a Silver (Ag) concentrator
Nickel ore The implementation of the FloatStar Grade Recovery Optimiser using Blue Cube Online Grade Analysers on Industrial Flotation Circuits
Iron ore Performance improvements provided by FloatStar on reverse-flotation of iron ore
Lead, Zinc & Copper ore Milling and flotation advanced process control system at a base metals concentrator in Mexico
Lead & Zinc ore Flotation circuit stability using the Mintek’s FloatStar Level Stabiliser control system
Copper & Gold ore FloatStar Level Stabilisation and Flow Optimisation on an Industrial Flotation Circuit
Platinum ore A Complementary Milling and Flotation Advanced Process Control System at a Platinum Concentrator
Nickel & Copper ore Advanced flotation process control system at a base metal concentrator
Platinum ore MillStar and FloatStar advanced control system at a PGM concentrator
Gold ore Implementation Of An Advanced Thickener Underflow Density Control At Loulo Gold Mine, Mali
Chrome ore Novel gravity spiral grade control

Underground mine cooling optimisation

Open Access Publications

Title Reference Link
Applying StarCS RNMPC with Real-Time Optimiser to Pilanesberg Platinum Mines Primary UG2 Milling Circuit 17th IFAC Symposium on Control, Optimization and Automation in Mining, Mineral and Metal Processing MMM 2016 Vienna, Austria, 31 August – 2 September 2016 Link
Stabilising and optimising a primary closed-loop milling circuit feeding a flotation circuit using StarCS RNMPC 19th IFAC World Congress, Cape Town, South Africa. 24-29 August 2014 Link
Using StarCS Automodeller to Model Pilanesberg Platinum Mine Primary UG2 Milling Circuit Control Conference Africa CCA 2017 Link
On the current state of flotation modelling for process control Control Conference Africa CCA 2017 Link