Mining & Mineral Economics

MESU, established in the early 2000s, provides a research support function to technical divisions in Mintek. Externally, MESU provides clients with in-depth, multi-disciplinary, strategic research insight about all aspects of the minerals industry.

Market Inteligence

  1. Up-to-date insight into the trends & dynamics of commodity & mineral resource availability, consumption & use
  2. Scoping opportunities for improving operational returns & performance across the five stages of the mineral value chain
  3. Explores new & alternative uses and markets for end products

Limpopo Map


Gold Diagram

MESU’S perspective on the minerals industry

MESU adopts a more holistic ‘cluster-based’ view, that considers the various direct & indirect economic linkages & impacts that arise within each stage & across the chain. The objective is to identify opportunities where minerals can be leveraged to facilitate national priorities.

MESU’S perspective on the minerals industry