Mining & Mineral Economics

MESU, established in the early 2000s, provides a research support function to technical divisions in Mintek. Externally, MESU provides clients with in-depth, multi-disciplinary, strategic research insight about all aspects of the minerals industry.

MESU Division Overview

The Mineral Economics and Strategy Unit provides in-depth, multi-disciplinary, strategic market insight and policy support to clients involved directly and indirectly in the minerals industry. Research areas are topical, integrated and focused around all parts of the mining and minerals value chain. The Division is establishing competence in facilitating the rehabilitation of abandoned mines across South Africa as well as strengthening its position as an internal service provider to other divisions in Mintek.

  • The Market Intelligence Section provides up-to-date market information and technical data analysis relating to the five core stages in the minerals value chain – exploration, mining, mineral processing, smelting and refining and basic manufacturing. Outputs include classical mineral economic studies as well as valuation, financial modelling and forecasting analyses, and advisory services.
  • The Market Development Section provides strategic research analysis and insights to internal and external clients relating to the trends and developments influencing and affecting the growth, transformation and sustainability of the minerals industry and the implications thereof. Outputs include market and sector surveys, benchmarking analyses, business plans, strategy reviews and assessments, and advisory services.